Quotes, memes, info, and more! GexQuoteBot is the perfect all-around bot for the Gex fan in you!

Includes various features such as...

Quotes and Quips

Say original or completely new Gex quotes with the /quote and /quoterandomized commands. Get tail time quotes with the /quotetailtime command. You can even play Gex voice lines in voice chats with the /quotevc command!

Memes and Images

Send images or memes of Gex with the /image and /meme commands. You can also generate completely new images with the /imagegen command.

Info About the Gex Series

Learn new things about the Gex games with the /games and /characters commands. You can also learn some fun facts with the /funfact command. 

If you have any issues, please join the support server and message @thetoastyplant